Pet health is the most important matter for pet owners, but when it comes to maintaining the health of a service dog, nutritional requirements are different than an office of home dog. Service Dog Food is specialized nutrition because law enforcement agencies and officers need them to work with agility. Service dogs are supposed to do a variety of things during job including racing, hunting and even biting. They have higher food requirements according to the AAFCO American Association of Feed Control Officials. The food available for service dogs in the markets must also fulfill the requirements for dogs who have to serve the special needs of humans.

The Need for Specialized Service Dog Food

Just like human beings who have to work in various fields and go through hard labor daily, service dogs also go through hard labor (mental and physical) which increases their intake requirement of daily calories as compared to a household dog. The more nutrients emotional service dogs take, the more energy expands in its body. While commercial feeds are available specifically for working dogs, all working dogs are not the same. Each service dog will need a different diet according to the set of its workload. Planning a healthy diet of a working dog in the special services is the most important task of the department as well.

Water is Essential for Health

For service dogs, water is the most important nutrient in a dog’s diet to keep them healthy and smart. Dogs need to drink enough water to be able to sweat because their body loses water through their tongue while they run and pant. A large quantity of heat is also produced in the body of the service dog when it does extensive physical training or exercise. Therefore it is necessary to provide the dog with enough water to help them avoid dehydration. Dehydration can also result in establishing an unstable flow of blood in their bodies which decreases their energy and ability to work quickly.

Fat and Calories in Service Dog Food

The level of training and daily workload differ for different dogs. The dog diet must contain a lot of calories or fat in all weathers to help them travel longer distances. Sled dogs are known for running a lot of kilometers which also require a healthy diet and more energy. Fat contains most energy dog requires to fulfill its need for the day and is recommended for working dogs. An increase in fats intake is directly related to increased performance in working dogs. Vegetable oils, packaged dog food and meat with lots of water can help them maintain good health.


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Carbohydrates and Proteins

A dog’s diet is never complete without a healthy dose of carbohydrates which increase their capability of racing. Carbohydrates provide an incredible energy source in the form of glycogen. For example, sprinting dogs need at least 25% to 40% carbohydrates in their diet which is easily digested by their fast metabolic system.

Similar, proteins also constitute an important part of a dog’s diet. Amino acids are necessary for dogs to remain highly active.

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