An emotional support dog ESA is a companion animal that a medical or psychological professional recommends a disable person to deal with their disability or disease. These animals provide a great source of emotional support and mental healing of these patients; building a better relationship with emotional support dog is the most important thing one can learn to deal with their traumas. To be afforded protection under United States federal law, a person must meet the federal definition of disability and must have a note from a physician or other medical professional.

Benefits of Relationship with Emotional Support Dogs

Pets are nice creatures who make life more pleasurable and enjoyable. Unfortunately, when a disability hurts a person, pets can become their saviors and companions through the dark days of their lives. People with various physical handicaps enjoy keeping dogs or cats in their houses according to the law of United States to kill their loneliness and build better relationships with them. The emotional support dogs are both pets and working dogs but are different from the service dogs that are used in the law enforcement agencies. An emotional support animal can provide the benefits of support and love to the humans. These animals possess special meanings in the lives of disabled people. The legal protections allow people to benefit from these animals in every area of their lives.

Emotional Support Animals Vs Service Dogs

For example, there are thousands of people in America suffering from the chronic depression; ESA allows people to have a company of pets like emotional support dogs and do more than just pleasing them. These dogs can assist people in their daily lives and practical work; the relationship with these animals is more formalized by the law from a legal point of view. ESA declared emotional support dogs as pets rather than working dogs; they are not bound to be physically trained like the service dogs, but they are just as important to humans as they are to law enforcement professionals.


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Emotional Support Animals Categories

The law provides many benefits to the physically challenged Americans; the law provides full access to animals like dogs, cats and horses to help the people in bad physical condition. These animals can be trained easily to do the desired work in the lives of disabled people; a better relationship with an emotional support dog is just as important as with an emotional support cat. If you already have a problem or disability that requires the support of an emotional support dog, then you can plan to have your next pet to make life more enjoyable for you. They will not only soothe the discomfort of life for you but also get your attention to save you from depression or loneliness.

The safety and comfort of emotional support pets are extremely important; to provide help to people, they should be free from any health issues and should be given proper diet and space to live comfortably. The goal of having a good relationship with an emotional support pet is to provide freedom to the patients.

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