service dog
As we know that service dogs are the animals who are individually trained to work and perform the tasks for a disabled person according to ADA. People who have chronic illness, injury, blindness, seizure or wheelchair condition. People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and numerous other psychological diseases may also use the service dogs for their benefit at home or office to live a better life. The use of service animal is strictly related to the disability of a person; dogs have sole function and responsibility who are trained to provide emotional support and comfort to their holders according to ADA provisions. Qualities of service dogs differ according to the needs of a disabled person. An emotional support animal

Qualifies for a service dog

Service animals are not pets, they are considered as animals who are trained and allowed by the law to bring comfort to the lives of mentally and physically challenged people. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. A dog that belongs to an individual helps them with the emotional support dog need in the absence of a family member or a relative. The need for service dogs has been recognized widely by the Americans Disabilities Act which states that a person should have a mental problem and should be certified by a healthcare professional to determine the presence of a service animal at home or office.
The people can continue their normal lives and continue their daily living habits while keeping a service dog at home as a pet and taking care of their needs like food and shelter. The service animals are also allowed by law to fly in the plane or travel in a car with the person they belong to. The handler has a responsibility for not letting the service dog disrupt the office environment or the plane environment while they are with them. The airplane companies sometimes need a prior notice by a person who has booked a seat to bring a service animal with them on the flight so they can allow a service dog fly in the commercial cabin of a plane.
A letter from a licensed mental healthcare professional or a doctor is always required by the airlines. The apartments or houses with owners give for rent are the responsibility of the holder who lives in that house with their emotional support animals. The client is supposed to pay the reasonable fee to the property owner besides requiring a letter of prescription from the doctor. Landlord and property advisors may need a doctor to sign a verification form to complete that process.
To qualify for an emotional support dog or a service dog, you need to obtain a certificate first from a licensed medical healthcare professional in your state. The doctor can better state the emotional needs of a disabled person and allow them to keep a service dog. They can also define the mental and emotional needs of an animal to the landlords under the Fair Housing Act. These animals are permitted only in that case in the houses and planes if the holder has a signed letter and a certificate.

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