If you plan on flying with your dog, many airlines have recently imposed new regulations requiring airline specific forms or letters signed by a licensed mental health professional that must be updated ANNUALLY! If you do not have access to a doctor and would like to schedule appointment, we are now offering discounted evaluations for the signed travel or housing letters and airline specific forms for only $99
Our mental health services extend beyond air travel requirements, and  are also valid for landlords requesting a medical letter for your emotional condition.
Our team of licensed mental health professionals can provide:
  • Signed Letters compliant for Air Travel
  • Signed Airline Specific Travel Forms
  • Signed Housing letter for landlords
  • Complete Evaluation Online in minutes
  • Full Refund if not approved
Failure to comply with these new regulations may result in denied airline access without fare refund. Be sure to complete this quick evaluation before your next trip or if you are having issues with your landlord!
For a limited time, we are offering $10 off all evaluations and signed documents with promocode LETTER10

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