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Emotional support is the right and need of a person who is in some mentally or physically deprived state; the animals provide great service to these patients who undergo treatment for many years and get well by using the services of emotional support dogs. Emotional support dog, service dogs, and therapy dogs are a similar breed who can resiliently perform various roles and functions for various patients. They do not only assist various individuals with their daily tasks, but they are a great source of emotional well being of these patients. Let us explore how emotional support dogs provide physical and mental help like no other animal can.

Support Dogs are Viewed By-Laws Differently

In the eyes of the law,only Service Dogs that are exempt from public restrictions for animals,  people are not allowed usually to bring their dogs or pets on a plane during air travel; in commercial airlines, it is possible to travel with an emotional dog, service dog and therapy dogs with the adequate permission of a medical health professional. The law also states that service dogs must travel with their owners with a valid service dog certificate.

People who are going through a treatment plan hardly need the emotional support animals.  According to ADA, it is not a necessity; therefore the rights of psychiatric support dogs and emotional support dogs are different as prescribed by ADA. There are some exemptions in the law as for how service dogs can accompany their handlers in the public places; people are not usually allowed to carry their dogs without a certificate in the luxury hotels and planes.

Similar Jobs Are Done by Psychiatric Support Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs

Both animals are prescribed to their owners to help them overcome their mental impairments. But they are also able to provide the same duties to their owners. When a person is diagnosed with a mental disorder or a trauma, they need recovery; in that situation, a same breed of dog can perform a function of an emotional support animal. While the training these dogs receive vary at different levels or roles. The purpose of emotional support animal is to provide their masters the psychological stability and help with their therapy. It is also recognized by ADA.

A great example of an airline which provides permission for emotional support animals to travel with their owners is Delta Airlines. During the last year, Delta Airlines has allowed 250000 emotional support dogs as a part of their Pet policy to help the disabled persons during travel. It is strictly prohibited by the airline that dogs may disrupt the peaceful environment of the planet and bother any travelers. Some extra rules have also been placed to help the passengers travel smoothly with the emotional support dogs. It greatly affects the traveling of those who are suffering from disabilities. The role of a service animal is not much different from an emotional support animal. They both support individuals with a disability.

3 Responses to “Benefits of Emotional Support Dogs, Service Dogs And Therapy Dogs”

  1. Judy Dawson says:

    I have a puppy I’m training myself. I have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and am a Breast Cancer Survivor of 4 years. The ADA website states that only 2 questions can be asked of the handler of a Service Dog. 1. Is this a Service Dog ? Are they trained to assist you?
    They also state that no ID or Certifacation is required.
    Is this true? If so why are people selling ID’s and a certification certifacate.

    • admin says:

      great question! That is true about the questions you are allowed to be asked, however many times storeowners and landlords are not aware and infringe on the rights of disabled handlers and their service dogs. The purpose of identification materials are to help inform others that your dog is not just a pet but a working service animal or emotional support animal

  2. Tiffany Locke says:

    Thanks for explaining how you need a certificate to carry your dog in certain places, such as staying in luxury hotels or airplane rides!

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