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Get an online diagnostic evaluation from a licensed therapist for your emotional support animal recommendation letter. Complete online exam now for only $139. Valid for Housing and Travel needs.

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Now you can get an online evaluation from a licensed therapist for your Emotional Support or Psychiatric Service Animal recommendation letter. After ordering, you will be redirected to a secure and confidential online mental health exam, which will be reviewed by a licensed mental health professional. You can complete your online exam in minutes from the privacy of your own home from any smartphone or web browser. This onetime evaluation consists of an online mental health exam, which will be reviewed by a licensed therapist in your state. If approved, your therapist will write you a letter explaining how your diagnosis requires an Emotional Support Animal or Psychiatric Service Animal to alleviate your condition. These evaluation letters are valid for one year, and must be renewed annually. Any dog breed may qualify as an Emotional Support or Psychiatric Service Animal, and rental breed restrictions as well as extra fees must also be waived.

Under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Air Carriers Access Act (ACAA), individuals with emotional conditions can be accompanied by their Emotional Support Animals in their residence or for air travel. In order to meet these requirements, a signed letter of recommendation from a licensed mental health professional or physician must be shown to all landlords or airlines before travel. If you do not already have this Emotional Support Animal flying and housing letter, we offer online therapy evaluations with licensed mental health professionals in your home state.

In the event you are not approved for a signed medical housing or flight letter for your Psychiatric Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal (ESA), you are eligible for a full refund, risk free.


  • 1 Online Mental Health Assessment completed by licensed mental health professional
  • 1 personalized accommodation letter signed on official letterhead


  • Vest– Our adjustable, reflective vests are marked with two removable “EMOTIONAL SUPPORT AL” or “SERVICE ANIMAL” Patches and come with a gripped handle, designed for maximum breathability and comfort for your Emotional Support Animal while out in public. Many airlines and businesses request your Emotional Support Animal is properly marked while out in public.
  • Leash– Our leashes are printed on both sides displaying EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL or “SERVICE ANIMAL” for easy identification while out in public. Our sturdy leashes are made from nylon and have a rust free clip on hook.
  • Digital PDF Copy– This express option allows for you to obtain a copy of your letter in PDF form as soon as your evaluation is approved.
  • Extra Hard Copies: You will get an additional set of all ESA flight letter documents that you have ordered. This will allow you to keep one set in your car and another at home so you are never without your paperwork
  • Laminate Documents: Your letter will be laminated in a heavy protective plastic to ensure your certificate stays protected from wear and tear.
  • Registration ID Card + Certificate: After submitting your mental health exam, you will be emailed a prepaid registration link so you can register your dog in the United Service Dog National Registry. You will receive a hard copy of your photo ID Card and Registration Certificate for easy access while you travel or are in public with your dog.


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